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4 Essential Tips for Great Kitchen Window Treatments

Windows are among the parts of your home that need a life. It should have a good design that meets functionality. Basically, it’s not enough to make it look aesthetically appealing. Windows should meet its purpose in allowing a good flow of air and light, especially in the kitchen. Treating your kitchen window has special considerations. Of course, it is all where the cooking happens.

How should I treat my kitchen window?

Let us help you with these seven essential tips:


Keep the light coming

Natural light in the kitchen is very important. For example, light is needed when you prepare your meals or cook food. It also makes your kitchen look neat and clean when it is well lit. It is ideal to have skylights or arched windows to promote good lighting.


Stay minimal

Unlike in the living room, windows in the kitchen do not need too many accents and decorations. As much as possible, be minimal. Stay away from heavy window coverings or curtains with too many unnecessary designs and patterns.


Let the air in and out

Again, the kitchen is where the hearty meals are made. Typically, it involves smoke and foul odor. If you do not have exhaust fans, then you should have a good window. Make it possible for air to flow freely in and out of your kitchen. This is to get rid of the foul smell and smoke. Also, it is healthy if you keep natural air coming.


Pick neutral colors

It is ideal to choose neutral colors – warm or cool. Neutral colors make your kitchen look clean. If your kitchen is small, use light, cool colors in your window to make it look larger. On the other hand, use dark, warm colors for oversized kitchens.


Add some curves

Lastly, consider some curves in your windows. Most of the things you see in the kitchen have straight lines – appliances, cabinets, and counters. It’s time to be a little extra.

We hope this helps you choose the right design and style for your kitchen windows.

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