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9 Amazing Types of Windows for Your Home

Windows come in various types and designs. They are also made of different materials, including wood, vinyl, glass, and aluminum. There is an appropriate window for every part of your home. But there is no limitation to how you want to treat your window design. If you have struggled in looking for the best type of window, check out these choices:


Awning windows

An awning window is perfect if you want to maximize the entry of light and air. Usually, awning windows are installed in bedrooms and other areas that need a healthy flow of air. Most houses that are located in an environment with rainy seasons use awning window. They can be installed next to each other in columns.


Jalousie windows

Jalousie windows are great for warm weather areas. They are typically made of glass, timber or aluminum and are set in metal clips. They can be opened manually or automatically through a remote control. Jalousie windows promote good airflow in the house. They can also be perfect for porches and sunrooms.


Casement windows

Case windows are common in houses in the western part of the United States. They are like cabinets or counters in which are open outward. When closed, it creates a tight seal which efficiently saves energy. Some people place screens on the inside to avoid too much opening.


Single hung windows

The single hung windows are composed of two parts – the top and bottom sashes. The bottom part is moved up to allow the entry of air. This is great for kitchens, as well as rooms that face porches or patios.


Double hung windows

On the other hand, double hung windows are opened like jalousie windows. However, they can only be opened halfway which restricts the proper flow of air. Thus, they are great for external setups, especially rooms located near decks, walkways, or patios.


Clerestory windows

Clerestory windows are located near the celestial parts of your home. They are often considered “higher-than-average” windows. Most of the clerestory windows are placed on top of other windows.


Skylight windows

Skylights are placed on top of ceilings to allow the entry of much more light. Usually, they are found in attics or in kitchens.


Horizontal sliding windows

These windows come in various sizes and styles. Basically, they are opened by sliding the windows horizontally, just like sliding doors. They are great for rooms facing external spaces including porches and decks.

Picture windows

Picture windows are like frames. They feature the view outside your home. They are ideal for homes that do not need natural air. Further, it allows adequate light into your house. Typically, picture windows are made of insulated glass.

Which of these window types do you use in your home?

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