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Mark your calendar! Win-door 2015 is November 3, 4, 5th, 2015

These were some of the New Products on display at Win-door 2014

ACME Window Hardward - Booth: 2018/2020

Eclipse Multi/single Point Locking Handles

This lock is only 10 mm in height and still keeps 46 mm travel distances when open and closed. Equipped with a super strong metal forged handle, it sustains three times more torque force than a a regular lock.

Introduced to the Canadian Market: March 2015

Aribell Products Limited - Booth: 1536/1538

Aribell Dual Durometer Continuous EPDM kerf door seal

Aribell Dual Durometer Continuous EPDM kerf door seal is a high performance sealing solution for entry door systems. Known for its natural UV resistance, superior compression set, and excellent weathering resistance, the NEW ARIBELL EPDM kerf door seal is co-extruded using closed cell EPDM sponge and dense material with a rigid base for easy insertion. A low friction coating is applied to the material offering abrasion resistance and a low coefficient of friction.

- First seal to allow for continuous seal at the corners for inswing doors on all three sides

- Tested and passes up to DP 55 for 2010 Canadian Building Standard and 2011 NAFS

- 170' rolls in White or Black (Part #'s:3287WT170; 3287BL170)

Introduced to the Canadian Market: November 2014

Aribell Products Limited - Booth: 1536/1538

Aritech Woodgrain Stainable Composite Program

NEW Aritech Woodgrain Stainable Composite Program is a complete program to enhance your fiberglass doors! 30% more dense; 135% stronger screw retention vs. other brand

The Aritech closed cell poly-fiber composite material will not absorb or wick moisture, and is resistant to mold; mildew; fungus; salt; chemicals; insects; and pollutants. The Aritech composite material can be stained, painted, nailed, and machined as easily as wood.

Introduced to the Canadian Market: November 2014

EDTM, Inc. - Booth: 2028

"Glass-Chek Elite" Window & Laminate Thickness Meter

The Glass-Chek Elite adds the ability to measure laminated glass and inner-layer thickness. The GC3200 also measures glass and air space thickness of windows and identifies the type of low e coating.

Introduced to the Canadian Market: October 2014

Fenzi North America - Booth: 1338/1340

Poliver - Two Part Polyurethane Insulating Glass Sealant

Recently added Poliver - A two-part polyurethane for use in your insulated glass production. Available in two curing speeds, Fenzi Poliver will meet your needs.

Introduced to the Canadian Market: May 2014

This product is certified to an applicable standard - CGSB Can 12.8; ASTM2190

Fenzi North America - Booth: 1338

Warm Edge Spacer

Fenzi North American has added to it's product base with the addition of the chromatech and chromatech ultra stainless steel warm edge spacers. Both spacers are available in a wide range of air space widths. The ultra has a polycarbonate bridge across the top. Available in traditional white, grey and black colors.

Introduced to the Canadian Market: November 2014

Flat Line Spraybooth Specialists Inc. - Booth: 1944

Energy Efficient Spray Booth

Spray booths with features such as variable frequency drives and heat recovery systems can decrease your running costs up to 70%. These features can be added to your existing spray booth as well.

Groupe Eugenie/Techno-Pro Expert - Booth: 1741


Techno-Punch is the only punching solution built exclusively for the door and windows industry by industry's specialists.

Introduced to the Canadian Market: October 1, 2014

improveit! 360 - Booth: 1610

Mobile Application

Mazimize time, eliminate data back-ups and end the frustration of missing info from the road by managing your business via the internet. Use your smart phone, i phone, i pad, or other mobile device.

Introduced to the Canadian Market: Jan 22, 2014

ODL Canada - Booth: 1703/1705

Brisa Retractable Screen

Brisa Retractable Screen Door is a less than 30 minute installation retractable screen door. It is one model fits all without cutting. Unlike a hinged screen door, Brisa retracts fully without all the banging and slamming.

Introduced to the Canadian Market: May 2014

Proto3000 Inc. - Booth: 2024

3D Printers

3D Printers are becoming the new standard in product development and manufacturing. Visit our booth to learn about our different product lines and the potential these systems pose to your business.

Royal Building Products - Booth: 1301

Orchestra Patio Door

Orchestra is a patio door platform providing maximum flexibility in various configurations and models including all-vinyl or hybrid. The sturdy multi-chamber all-vinyl frame provides thermal performance and minimal maintenance. A tilt and slide version also available.

Introduced to the Canadian Market: October 2014

This product is certified to an applicable standard - Energy Star/AAMA/WDMA/CSA

Slide Clear - Booth: 1946

Slide Clear Screen Systems

Breakthrough design now available in North America. We are bringing a new design and technology from Europe and are making it available in North America for the first time. SLIDE CLEAR new technology delivers large opening screens with functional and installation efficiency. Screen systems that can extend up to 30 feet or more.

SLIDE CLEAR screen unique features:

- Easy to manufacture, alter, install and service

- Revolutionary tracking system means almost flush sill and no bottom track

- No need for professional installation

- Roller screen in double door accommodates openings up to 340 cm (132")

- All done more cost effectively then existing options.

We design, develop, and distribute operable wall, enclosure, partition and screen systems. Our flexible barriers transform and connect spaces, delivery solutions that make use of valuable space and adapt to your world. Our systems adjust to make environments elegant, desirable, useful, functional and enjoyable.

Introduced to the Canadian Market: September 9, 2014

The DS Group (DraftSeal) - Booth: 1446

DSF1 Integrated Insect Screen System

The DSF1 is the first Integrated Insect Screen System that is built into the exterior pre-hung door unit (inswing or outswing) at the door shop & shipped as a complete assembly to the job site. Screen virtually disppears into the aluminum or vinyl brick mould. No more unsightly after-market sliding screens.

- Screen mesh easily replaceable if damaged

- Standard or custom sizes

- Single or double door openings

- Screen fits either 4-9/16", 6-9/16" or 7-1/4" jamb

- Brick mould available in either aluminum or vinyl (brown or white)

- Bottom screen track is integrated into the DS1 Storm-Sill System

For more information please visit www.accordionscreen.com

This product is certified to an applicable standard - Sill System Testing was performed in accordance with AAMA/WDMA/CSA 101/I.S. 2A440-11 NAFS 11 Complaint

WTS Paradigm - Booth: 1416/1418

Innovative Technology for Building Products

Using technology, WTS Paradigm is constantly reinvesting in making selling easier. With our "One Catalog. Everywhere." strategy, we elevate one catalog across multiple channels (dealers, retailers, consumers), saving you both time and money all while reducing catalog maintenance and speed to market.

- Centerpoint: Configuration and selling technology for manufacturers and end-users

- TouchQuote: Mobile technology to sell home improvement projects in-home

- Retail: Centralized system for companies that buy and resell special order products from multiple vendors

- Web Channel: Extends CenterPoint catalog to a website for consumers to browse products and build configurations

- MasterPoint: Back-end system that supplies engineering-accurate information to the production floor

For more information, visit www.wtsparadigm.com