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8 Modern Interior Design Trends in 2018

It’s a brand new year – new goals, new challenges, and new experiences. This 2018, it will be a good investment if you do some minor to major changes in your home interior design. It’s time to move on and welcome a brand new face for your home.

In home interior designing, people follow certain considerations – color, furniture placement, decors, space, and even Feng Shui. But some are into the latest trends. They want to make sure that their home keeps up with the latest. For 2018, here are the top modern interior design trends:

Circle patterns

Circles are again in for 2018. Feng Shiu believes that number 8 is similar to a circle, they both mean infinity. Circles also look appealing in homes. You can buy a circular table or pillow sheets with circle patterns. It is also ideal to have you wallpaper filled with circles.


Modern color palette

Basically, if you want your home interior to look modern, you need to adjust your color palette. In 2018, it is ideal to blend brown and white with colors, including blue, red, soft orange, and deep yellow. Earthy rooms are modern looking while keeping the cozy and warm vibes.

Floral prints

Floral prints have been a favorite of most women. In 2018, they make a comeback. As mentioned earlier, earthy looks are modern which count floral prints as a trend. We recommend you using floral prints inside your bedroom – in your bed, pillows, doors, windows, and even your wallpaper.


Vintage lighting

Classic lighting is also redefining modern design today. According to interior designers, classic elements give us a look in the past and in the future as well. So, replace your normal bulbs with copper pendant lights or amazing chandeliers.


3D wall design

Three-dimensional is an element of modern design. Well, you can remodel a part of your wall and make it look like its 3D through series of bezels.


Smaller objects

Smaller objects are stealing the spotlight in a home filled with huge objects. They are great in saving space, plus it is a huge trend today – smaller chairs, tables, furniture, and decors.


Custom wood crafts

If you are planning to fill your home with different decors, opt for custom wood crafts. Woodworking projects elevate your interior design. So, you can create custom frames, jars, ashtrays, and even chairs.



Houseplants promote clean air inside your home. They are not just for aesthetics, but for health reasons. As we all know, plants absorb carbon dioxide and other toxic gases. In Feng Shui, it also allows the entry of Chi or good energy.

Are you ready to transform your home interior?

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