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8 Basic Types of Doors for Your Home

Doors are important for every home. They do not just serve as a gateway to your house but also to your individual rooms. Without a door, you feel unsecured and that your privacy is invaded. That’s why you deserve the best door for your house, your bedroom, and your comfort room, among others. There are different kinds and designs of doors for interior and exterior spaces. To help you decide, check out these choices:


Hinged doors

The most common type of door is a hinged door. Basically, this door is being attached to the doorframe through a hinge, a mechanical bearing that connects objects. Hinged doors are typically lightweight and are connected by two hinges. They are ideal for both interior and exterior use.


Bi-fold doors

Bi-fold doors have several sections or panels in which are pushed together to open. The most common materials of bi-fold doors are wood, metal, and glass. They are ideal to create a large entry into space.


French doors

French doors are inspired by the traditional design of casement doors. Most often, they have glass panels. They are notable for creating a big entry or exit. They are ideal for exterior patio doors. But they can also be used as a passageway between rooms.


Dutch doors

Dutch doors are perfect if you have pets or children. A Dutch door is composed of two parts – the top and the bottom. The bottom part is may be fixed and immovable while the top functions as a regular door. There is also a variant in which both are movable.


Sliding door

A sliding door is ideal if you want to maximize space. Unlike other doors, sliding door does not consume too much space when being opened. Instead, they just slide horizontally. In the case of a pocketed variant, the door is being concealed inside wall cavities.


Tilt doors

Tilt doors are perfect for the garage, sheds, and large rooms. They are usually made of wood, metal, or fiberglass. Most tilt doors are hinged as well. They are opened by pulling the bottom part of the door upward.


Roller doors

Also called “roller shutter”, roller doors are composed of horizontal slats or bars which fold on top to create a large opening. Basically, you need to raise the door to open and lower to close. Like sliding doors, they also do not occupy too much space. They can also be concealed on top.


Security screen doors

Now that we are entering the modern age, doors today are automated and are added with an extra layer of security. Traditional doors depend on knobs and locks to keep it from opening. Now, security screen doors are dependent on passcodes, fingerprints and other high-tech security features.

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Which of these doors is currently being used in your home?

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