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7 Awesome Tips for Choosing the Right Window Style

There is nothing more fulfilling than sitting on your couch enjoying a gorgeous view of nature and the warmth of sunlight. Well, thanks for your home windows for making it possible. If eyes are the windows to our soul, then windows are our eyes to the beauty of your exterior home. It is where the air and light enters. Without windows, we feel blind. Thus, choosing the right windows is crucial. To help you out, follow these awesome tips that came from our friend and sponsor Dru Morgan. He owns an installing and window cleaning service in Thousand Oaks California and has over ten years experience working in the industry.


1 - 7 Awesome Tips for Choosing the Right Window Style


Know the purpose of the window

Basically, every window in your home has a unique function. If your living room needs much more light, you need a wider and larger window. If you want privacy in your room, jalousie or casement windows can serve you well. If it’s just for aesthetic purposes, opt for picture windows.


Choose windows that match your home

Apparently, your windows should reflect the architectural style and the general theme of your home. If you are into classic vibes, choose windows that are made of wood, probably casement windows. If your house is modern and sophisticated, choose an all-glass window.


Be mindful of color palette

Choosing the color of your window can be very difficult. Basically, your window should match the color palette of your home. If your house is painted white, anything related to white like gray or beige may be good for your window. Also, it is ideal to paint your window frame with a color darker than your actual window.


2 - 7 Awesome Tips for Choosing the Right Window Style


Check your home ventilation

The entry and exit of air are important considerations in building a home. There should be enough passageway for natural air to freely flow in and outside your house. In Feng Shui, the bigger the windows, the better to promote the proper flow of Chi or good energy.


Consider your home interior

Most homeowners are more concerned about how their windows look outside. They forget about the interior. Your window should also match your home interior design and decoration. If your window looks intricate outside, make it also look appealing on the inside.


Determine the orientation of the sun

In identifying the placement of your windows, you need to determine the orientation of the sun. Basically, one purpose of windows is to allow the entry of adequate light. So, know where the sun rises and sets. Basically, if you place windows in contrast with the sun’s orientation, don’t expect enough light to enter your house.


Choose the right type for the right function

There are different kinds and types of windows. In choosing a window, it should meet its function. Awning windows are great for apartments and older homes. Double hung windows are ideal if you want your windows to open easily.

There you go, folks! We hope these awesome tips will help you find the right window treatment.

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