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4 Questions to Ask In Choosing the Right Front Door

Choosing the right front door for your home is crucial. As they say, the front door says a lot about the people living inside. It



4 Questions to Ask In Choosing the Right Front Door

5 Reasons Why You Should Install Security Screen Doors

4 Essential Tips for Great Kitchen Window Treatments

5 Most Incredible Windows in the World

5 Most Legendary Doors in the World

6 Most Incredible Interior Designers of All Time

8 Reasons Why Energy Efficient Windows are the Best

8 Modern Interior Design Trends in 2018

7 Awesome Tips for Choosing the Right Window Style

8 Basic Types of Doors for Your Home

9 Amazing Types of Windows for Your Home

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4 Questions to Ask In Choosing the Right Front Door

Choosing the right front door for your home is crucial. As they say, the front door says a lot about the people living inside. It also accentuates the value of your home. So if you care, it would be better if you take time in choosing the best front door for your home. Moreover, the Remodeling Magazine states that you invest in replacing your front entry door when you have the budget and time.

In choosing the best front door for your home, here are the questions that you should answer:


How much is your budget?

The first step to any home project is to determine your budget. How much are you willing to spend for your door? Basically, you need to think about the cost of the door and the installation. If you have a huge budget, you can opt for doors made of premium materials. You can also add extra features. If you just have enough, then select simple, classic doors.


What material do you prefer?

There are different materials used in making doors. Apparently, the material can determine the durability and the appearance of the door. So, it is an important factor in choosing your front door. Here are the most widely used materials:



The traditional material used in making doors is wood. Its classic appearance makes it timeless in the eye of people. Plus, wood can be carved with intricate designs and can be decorated with various accessories and accents. On the other hand, wood doors are typically more expensive. They also need regular maintenance.



The most affordable door is made of wood. Premium steel doors are extra durable. They also do not warp, crack, or deteriorate. They can be painted with your desired color. If you want it to become more energy efficient, add an insulated core.



Fiberglass-made doors are versatile in look and use. They are not only aesthetical, but they also offer a greater variety of panel styles, finish options, and decorative glasses. It is also durable and is easy to maintain. It is dent and rust-resistant.

What size do you prefer?

After the material, you need to consider the size of your front door. The standard entry door is 80 inches in height and 26 inches in width. Ideally, it should be 1 to 2 inches thick. So basically, your entryway should be larger, taller, wider, and thicker.


What is your style?

Lastly, your door should speak your style. Ask what design or type of door you and your family want. It should also be compatible with the overall design of your home. As mentioned earlier, your front door somewhat tells about the people living inside. You do not have to impress people, but you have to express your home through your door.

We hope you can answer all these four questions for you to achieve your dream front door.

5 Reasons Why You Should Install Security Screen Doors

In this modern age, people are integrating technology into their homes – windows automatically open, appliances turn on simultaneously, and lights brighten and dim itself. But the most popular trend among houses today is security screen doors. These are doors that are automated and are added with extra layers of security features. Basically, it requires a passcode for someone to open the door.


Strengthens security

Obviously, security screen doors strengthen security. Most security doors are made of steel which is hard to destroy or break. It is also hinged into a strong frame. There are various methods used to lock the door. Most are dependent on passcode security feature. Other security doors can deter thieves or unrecognized people.

Intensifies privacy

Security doors are also ideal for maintaining your privacy. These doors are usually made of opaque, thick material which makes it difficult for people to see what you are doing inside your home or room.


Adds value to your home

Doors tell a lot about you and your family. Security doors actually add value to your home. It provides people an impression that you value safety and security. Moreover, it adds style to your property especially if you add some color or decors.


Promotes flow of air and light

You probably have locked your door 24/7 to keep your home secure. That will definitely inhibit the entry of air and light. On the other hand, security screen doors allow the entry of adequate air and light into your home. You can open the security door without worrying about intruders. Further, the wire mesh design of the door promotes good ventilation.


Provides comfort

With everything mentioned above, installing security screen doors gives you peace of mind and comfort. You don’t have to worry about intruders or criminals. At the same time, you do not have to compromise the proper entry of light and air. Security screen doors definitely offer you a worry-free living.

After reading this article, are you planning to install a security screen door at your home?

4 Essential Tips for Great Kitchen Window Treatments

Windows are among the parts of your home that need a life. It should have a good design that meets functionality. Basically, it’s not enough to make it look aesthetically appealing. Windows should meet its purpose in allowing a good flow of air and light, especially in the kitchen. Treating your kitchen window has special considerations. Of course, it is all where the cooking happens.

How should I treat my kitchen window?

Let us help you with these seven essential tips:


Keep the light coming

Natural light in the kitchen is very important. For example, light is needed when you prepare your meals or cook food. It also makes your kitchen look neat and clean when it is well lit. It is ideal to have skylights or arched windows to promote good lighting.


Stay minimal

Unlike in the living room, windows in the kitchen do not need too many accents and decorations. As much as possible, be minimal. Stay away from heavy window coverings or curtains with too many unnecessary designs and patterns.


Let the air in and out

Again, the kitchen is where the hearty meals are made. Typically, it involves smoke and foul odor. If you do not have exhaust fans, then you should have a good window. Make it possible for air to flow freely in and out of your kitchen. This is to get rid of the foul smell and smoke. Also, it is healthy if you keep natural air coming.


Pick neutral colors

It is ideal to choose neutral colors – warm or cool. Neutral colors make your kitchen look clean. If your kitchen is small, use light, cool colors in your window to make it look larger. On the other hand, use dark, warm colors for oversized kitchens.


Add some curves

Lastly, consider some curves in your windows. Most of the things you see in the kitchen have straight lines – appliances, cabinets, and counters. It’s time to be a little extra.

We hope this helps you choose the right design and style for your kitchen windows.

info4 - 4 Essential Tips for Great Kitchen Window Treatments
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5 Most Incredible Windows in the World

Windows serve as our eyes to the external environment. It is also integral to the proper flow of air and light. Without windows, we lose contact with the outside world. We feel locked and overly-secluded. There are different types and styles of windows depending on your taste and preference. Some windows exceed standards because of their overwhelming value and importance to the world. Here are the most famous windows from around the world:


The Pantheon’s Oculus

31 - 5 Most Incredible Windows in the World
The Pantheon was a Roman temple before that serves as a church in Rome, Italy today. It is one of the most incredible structures in the world. Surprisingly, there are no windows in the Pantheon. But, it has a large oculus which attracts every visitor’s attention. It is often called “the eye” as it lies in the center of the dome.


The Pope’s Window

32 - 5 Most Incredible Windows in the World
Kilometers down the road from the Pantheon, you can see the Papal Apartments located in the St.  Peter’s square. Since the 17th century, it has been the official residence of the Pope as a Supreme Pontiff. One identifiable part of the apartment is the Pope’s window. It is where the Pope greets pilgrims to the Vatican City. It is also where the Pope says the angelus.


Sainte-Chapelle’s Windows

33 - 5 Most Incredible Windows in the World
The Sainte-Chapelle, also called “The Holy Chapel” is a Gothic-themed chapel within the residence of the Kings of France until the 1500s. It has fifteen enormous stained glass windows. These windows make most of the walls of the church. These stained glass windows portray certain stories from the Bible, including the life of John the Evangelist, the book of Genesis, and some scenes from Exodus.


Nasir al-Mulk Mosque Windows

34 - 5 Most Incredible Windows in the World
The Nasir al-Mulk Mosque is a traditional mosque located in Iran. It is known worldwide for its extensive colored glass. The windows are dominated by pink-colored glass and walls with pink tiles. This is the reason why the mosque is called “The Pink Mosque”. Inside, the stained glass windows create a rainbow effect.


The Vostok Porthole

35 - 5 Most Incredible Windows in the World
The Vostok which means East in Russia is a type of spacecraft built by the Soviet Union as a spy satellite program. It has a porthole which acts as a camera porthole. Basically, it is a window to the outer space. As a matter of fact, it was used by Yuri Gagarin to witness the world for the first time in space. Now, many people know about the “space race” because of the Vostok Porthole.

Windows play a huge role in our homes. We hope you find some time and budget to innovate your windows and make them like the incredible windows mentioned above.

5 Most Legendary Doors in the World

A door is an important part of your home. It serves as the gateway to your own house. It also symbolizes security. For some, doors signify status. Basically, it provides an impression about the people living inside. That’s why we need to invest in our door. But there are certain doors that are globally recognized. They tell stories about culture, tradition, and people. Let us take a look at the most famous and legendary doors in the world:

10 Downing Street’s Door

21 - 5 Most Legendary Doors in the World
10 Downing Street, popularly known as “Number 10” refers to the headquarters of the Government of the United Kingdom, where the Prime Minister of England lives. The door of Number 10 is iconic as it serves as the only way in and out of the residence. Originally, it was made of black oak. It was replaced in 1991 after an IRA attack. People can definitely notice how perfectly shiny and glossy it is.


The Columbus Doors

22 - 5 Most Legendary Doors in the World
The Columbus Doors were made in Germany by famous sculptor Randolph Rogers in 1855. It is sometimes called “The Rogers Doors”. It was only in 1863 when it was transported to the United States. The doors feature nine panels which portray the life of Christopher Columbus from 1487 to 1506. Now, the Columbus Doors serve as the entrance to the Rotunda at the heart of the U.S. Capitol Building.


Florence Baptistery Doors

23 - 5 Most Legendary Doors in the World
The Florence Baptistery is one of the oldest religious buildings in Florence, Italy constructed between 1059 and 1128. The building was prominent for its large bronze doors. These were designed by Andrea Pisano in 1329. It has 29 panels which represent the life of St. John the Baptist and the eight virtues. Famous artist Michelangelo called Pisano’s work “The Gates of Paradise”.


Entryway to the Westminster Abbey

24 - 5 Most Legendary Doors in the World
The Westminster Abbey, also known as the Collegiate Church of St. Peter is one of the most prominent buildings in the United Kingdom. It has been historical for holding royal burials and weddings. But the doors of the Westminster Abbey have lots of stories to tell. During the 19th-century, there was a controversy that a skin of a criminal was nailed to the door. Later on, it was found out that it was cowhide.


Holy Door of St. Peter’s Basilica

25 - 5 Most Legendary Doors in the World
St. Peter’s Basilica is one of the holiest places in the Catholic world. It has served as the resting place of Saint Peter. The church was designed by Michelangelo and Bramante. Its northernmost entrance is referred to as The Holy Door. There has been a tradition that The Holy Door should only be opened by the Pope every 25 years.

Have you encountered these doors in your life?

6 Most Incredible Interior Designers of All Time

Interior design is the art and science of combining various elements for the aesthetics and functionality of your home interior. To become an interior designer, you need to have passion and skills. You also need to be very creative and imaginative.  Thus, the role of an interior designer for transforming your home into a paradise. In this article, we list down the most incredible interior designers and some of their masterpieces.


Elsie de Wolfe

11 - 6 Most Incredible Interior Designers of All Time
Elsie de Wolfe, also known as “Lady Mendl” was an American actress who was also passionate about interior decoration. In fact, certain publications recognized her “The Inventor of Interior Design”. She became the most prominent in the field during the 20th century. Among her distinguished clients are the Duke and Duchess of Windsor. In 1913, she published her own book “The House in Good Taste”.

Jean-Michel Frank

12 - 6 Most Incredible Interior Designers of All Time
Jean-Michel Frank was a French interior designer who was most celebrated during the 20th century. He was known for his minimalist design. Basically, his favorite color was white which he believed symbolizes prestige. His taste of design of furniture was so distinct. He was credited with designing the most iconic piece of furniture in the history – the Parsons table.

Albert Hadley

13 - 6 Most Incredible Interior Designers of All Time
Hadley was an American interior designer and decorator. He specializes in a variety of styles, including Victorian, Georgian, and modern design. He studied at Parsons School of Design and soon became a teacher. He even trained with A. Herbert Rodgers, a world-renowned decorator. He worked with prominent clients, including Rockefeller, Astor, Mellon, and Getty.


Sister Parish

14 - 6 Most Incredible Interior Designers of All Time
Sister Parish was an American interior decorator who had a long-term collaboration with Albert Hadley. She was very prominent for being the first to decorate the Kennedy White House. Even if she died long ago, her influence is still evident in the Yellow Oval Room of the White House. She was also known for popularizing the American country aesthetic in the 1960s.

Dorothy Draper

15 - 6 Most Incredible Interior Designers of All Time
Draper was an American interior decorator who was notable for her anti-minimalism. She loved bright colors, large prints, and more elements. In 1925, she opened the world’s first official interior design business she called “Architectural Clearing House”. Among her prominent works include the New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art and the Greenbrier in West Virginia.


Billy Baldwin

16 - 6 Most Incredible Interior Designers of All Time
Billy Baldwin was an interior designer who did not want to be called one. He preferred the title “home decorator”. Some of his most notable works include the interiors of Cole Porter’s Waldorf Towers apartment and the Diana Vreeland’s Park Avenue living room. He published a book entitled “Billy Baldwin Decorates” in 1972 which is still widely used today.

Who of these interior designers is your inspiration?

8 Reasons Why Energy Efficient Windows are the Best

Today, most people are living a smart life. They become more prudent and more resourceful to reduce costs at all time. It can be evident in the rising number of houses that utilize energy efficient windows. From the name itself, these windows allow you to save energy and cut down costs. Let us discuss why many people are shifting to energy efficient windows and what benefits we can get from these:


Maintains temperature

Energy efficient windows are ideal for maintaining the temperature inside your home. It helps eliminate hot or cold spots in rooms. These windows act as a barrier against the cold weather and also against the blazing heat of the summer.


Reduces costs

Because these windows balance the temperature inside your home, you don’t have to worry about investing in premium air conditioners or maintaining a chimney. When you consume less energy in heating or cooling your home, you also reduce costs. Some states also offer a tax credit for home upgrading to energy efficient windows.

Protects the environment

Energy efficient windows promote a sustainable environment. Basically, if you consume less energy, you consume less power that is generated from fossil-fuel sources, including coal and natural gas-fired power plants. This will also minimize the production of carbon dioxide and other toxic gases that may harm the environment. Through energy efficient windows, your house becomes eco-friendly.


Protects from UV rays

Energy efficient windows are made with a special coating that potentially blocks harmful ultraviolet rays from the sun. UV rays can damage your rugs, carpets, wood, furniture, and fabrics. But most importantly, it can damage you and your family.


Reduces noise

The highly-insulated characteristic of energy efficient windows helps in blocking the noise from the outside of your home. Thus, it reduces the noise that comes from sirens, railroads, construction, and more. In short, it makes your house almost soundproof.


Requires less maintenance

Unlike other types of windows, energy efficient windows require less maintenance. It does not deteriorate or fade in color. It also reduces the buildup of condensation, mold, and other toxic substances that may trigger asthma and other diseases. Its UV-resistant capacity also eliminates water spots and dirt buildup.


Improves comfort

Homes with energy efficient windows make people live more comfortably. During summer, the heat is being reduced inside. In times of cold weather conditions, these windows allow heat to fill the home. Thus, it makes sure that every single individual inside achieves the best home experience.


Allows the entry of more light

Energy efficient windows only block the heat and UV, but not the light from the sun. It allows a decent amount of light to brighten your home without turning on your lights.

What can you say about energy efficient windows?

info3 - 8 Reasons Why Energy Efficient Windows are the Best
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8 Modern Interior Design Trends in 2018

It’s a brand new year – new goals, new challenges, and new experiences. This 2018, it will be a good investment if you do some minor to major changes in your home interior design. It’s time to move on and welcome a brand new face for your home.

In home interior designing, people follow certain considerations – color, furniture placement, decors, space, and even Feng Shui. But some are into the latest trends. They want to make sure that their home keeps up with the latest. For 2018, here are the top modern interior design trends:

Circle patterns

Circles are again in for 2018. Feng Shiu believes that number 8 is similar to a circle, they both mean infinity. Circles also look appealing in homes. You can buy a circular table or pillow sheets with circle patterns. It is also ideal to have you wallpaper filled with circles.


Modern color palette

Basically, if you want your home interior to look modern, you need to adjust your color palette. In 2018, it is ideal to blend brown and white with colors, including blue, red, soft orange, and deep yellow. Earthy rooms are modern looking while keeping the cozy and warm vibes.

Floral prints

Floral prints have been a favorite of most women. In 2018, they make a comeback. As mentioned earlier, earthy looks are modern which count floral prints as a trend. We recommend you using floral prints inside your bedroom – in your bed, pillows, doors, windows, and even your wallpaper.


Vintage lighting

Classic lighting is also redefining modern design today. According to interior designers, classic elements give us a look in the past and in the future as well. So, replace your normal bulbs with copper pendant lights or amazing chandeliers.


3D wall design

Three-dimensional is an element of modern design. Well, you can remodel a part of your wall and make it look like its 3D through series of bezels.


Smaller objects

Smaller objects are stealing the spotlight in a home filled with huge objects. They are great in saving space, plus it is a huge trend today – smaller chairs, tables, furniture, and decors.


Custom wood crafts

If you are planning to fill your home with different decors, opt for custom wood crafts. Woodworking projects elevate your interior design. So, you can create custom frames, jars, ashtrays, and even chairs.



Houseplants promote clean air inside your home. They are not just for aesthetics, but for health reasons. As we all know, plants absorb carbon dioxide and other toxic gases. In Feng Shui, it also allows the entry of Chi or good energy.

Are you ready to transform your home interior?

7 Awesome Tips for Choosing the Right Window Style

There is nothing more fulfilling than sitting on your couch enjoying a gorgeous view of nature and the warmth of sunlight. Well, thanks for your home windows for making it possible. If eyes are the windows to our soul, then windows are our eyes to the beauty of your exterior home. It is where the air and light enters. Without windows, we feel blind. Thus, choosing the right windows is crucial. To help you out, follow these awesome tips that came from our friend and sponsor Dru Morgan. He owns an installing and window cleaning service in Thousand Oaks California and has over ten years experience working in the industry.


1 - 7 Awesome Tips for Choosing the Right Window Style


Know the purpose of the window

Basically, every window in your home has a unique function. If your living room needs much more light, you need a wider and larger window. If you want privacy in your room, jalousie or casement windows can serve you well. If it’s just for aesthetic purposes, opt for picture windows.


Choose windows that match your home

Apparently, your windows should reflect the architectural style and the general theme of your home. If you are into classic vibes, choose windows that are made of wood, probably casement windows. If your house is modern and sophisticated, choose an all-glass window.


Be mindful of color palette

Choosing the color of your window can be very difficult. Basically, your window should match the color palette of your home. If your house is painted white, anything related to white like gray or beige may be good for your window. Also, it is ideal to paint your window frame with a color darker than your actual window.


2 - 7 Awesome Tips for Choosing the Right Window Style


Check your home ventilation

The entry and exit of air are important considerations in building a home. There should be enough passageway for natural air to freely flow in and outside your house. In Feng Shui, the bigger the windows, the better to promote the proper flow of Chi or good energy.


Consider your home interior

Most homeowners are more concerned about how their windows look outside. They forget about the interior. Your window should also match your home interior design and decoration. If your window looks intricate outside, make it also look appealing on the inside.


Determine the orientation of the sun

In identifying the placement of your windows, you need to determine the orientation of the sun. Basically, one purpose of windows is to allow the entry of adequate light. So, know where the sun rises and sets. Basically, if you place windows in contrast with the sun’s orientation, don’t expect enough light to enter your house.


Choose the right type for the right function

There are different kinds and types of windows. In choosing a window, it should meet its function. Awning windows are great for apartments and older homes. Double hung windows are ideal if you want your windows to open easily.

There you go, folks! We hope these awesome tips will help you find the right window treatment.

8 Basic Types of Doors for Your Home

Doors are important for every home. They do not just serve as a gateway to your house but also to your individual rooms. Without a door, you feel unsecured and that your privacy is invaded. That’s why you deserve the best door for your house, your bedroom, and your comfort room, among others. There are different kinds and designs of doors for interior and exterior spaces. To help you decide, check out these choices:


Hinged doors

The most common type of door is a hinged door. Basically, this door is being attached to the doorframe through a hinge, a mechanical bearing that connects objects. Hinged doors are typically lightweight and are connected by two hinges. They are ideal for both interior and exterior use.


Bi-fold doors

Bi-fold doors have several sections or panels in which are pushed together to open. The most common materials of bi-fold doors are wood, metal, and glass. They are ideal to create a large entry into space.


French doors

French doors are inspired by the traditional design of casement doors. Most often, they have glass panels. They are notable for creating a big entry or exit. They are ideal for exterior patio doors. But they can also be used as a passageway between rooms.


Dutch doors

Dutch doors are perfect if you have pets or children. A Dutch door is composed of two parts – the top and the bottom. The bottom part is may be fixed and immovable while the top functions as a regular door. There is also a variant in which both are movable.


Sliding door

A sliding door is ideal if you want to maximize space. Unlike other doors, sliding door does not consume too much space when being opened. Instead, they just slide horizontally. In the case of a pocketed variant, the door is being concealed inside wall cavities.


Tilt doors

Tilt doors are perfect for the garage, sheds, and large rooms. They are usually made of wood, metal, or fiberglass. Most tilt doors are hinged as well. They are opened by pulling the bottom part of the door upward.


Roller doors

Also called “roller shutter”, roller doors are composed of horizontal slats or bars which fold on top to create a large opening. Basically, you need to raise the door to open and lower to close. Like sliding doors, they also do not occupy too much space. They can also be concealed on top.


Security screen doors

Now that we are entering the modern age, doors today are automated and are added with an extra layer of security. Traditional doors depend on knobs and locks to keep it from opening. Now, security screen doors are dependent on passcodes, fingerprints and other high-tech security features.

info2 - 8 Basic Types of Doors for Your Home
Image source:

Which of these doors is currently being used in your home?

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